Please read Our Anti Money Laundering (AML) carefully before using Our Service. Destrobit is operated by Stardev Games N.V.

Interpretation and Definitions


The words of which the initial letter is capitalized have meanings defined under the following conditions. The following definitions shall have the same meaning regardless of whether they appear in singular or plural.


For the purposes of this Privacy Policy: • Account means a unique account created for You to access Our Service or parts of Our Service. • Company (referred to as either "the Company", "We", "Us" or "Our" in this Agreement) refers to Stardev Games N.V. • Country refers to Curacao • Terms and Conditions (also referred to as "Terms") mean these Terms and Conditions that form the entire agreement between You and the Company regarding the use of the Service. These Terms include our TOS, Privacy Policy, AML-KYC Policy, Responsible Gambling Policy, Self-Exclusion Policy, and Minor Protection Policy. • Website refers to, accessible from Stardev Games N.V., • You/User/Customer means the individual accessing or using Our Service, or the company, or other legal entity on behalf of which such individual is accessing or using Our Service, as applicable. • ML refers to Money Laundering • AMLCO refers to Anti Money Laundering Compliance Officer. A member of the Management team especially charged to prevent money laundering.

For Cash Deposits and Cash Withdrawals

The objective of the AML Policy: We seek to offer the highest security to all of Our Users and Customers on Destrobit for that an Account verification is done to ensure the identity of Our Customers. The reason behind this is to prove the details of the person registered are correct and the deposited values are not stolen or being used by someone else, which is to create the general framework for the fight against all kinds of Money Laundering. We also take into consideration that depending on the nationality and origin, the way of payment and for withdrawing different safety measurements must be taken. Destrobit also puts reasonable measures in place to control, limit, and avoid Money Laundering risk, including dedicating the appropriate means. Stardev Games N.V.’s goals are to ensure there is not Money Laundering done via their gambling Services. Destrobit is committed to high standards of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) according to the EU guidelines, compliance and requires management & employees to enforce these standards in preventing the use of its Services for Money Laundering purposes. Stardev Games N.V. also takes additional safety measures, especially when accepting any cryptocurrencies or objects of value. The first step of verification is an electronic KYC (Know Your Customer) check, must be done before any withdrawal is possible. is not responsible for any delays in withdrawal created by the KYC checks. For certain investment amounts, further verification would need to be carried out.

Customer identification and verification (KYC-AML 1)

The formal identification of Customers on entry into commercial relations is a vital element, both for the regulations relating to money laundering and for the KYC policy, namely the verification of ID Card and proof of address.

Sanctions, Persons and Entities of Special Interest as well as PEPS

The database is used for screenings of open sanctions. This website is a global database of persons and companies of political, criminal, or economic interest. It combines the most important sanctions lists, databases of politically exposed persons, and other public information into a single easy-to-access dataset. To ensure these checks Destrobit will have a subscription to Furthermore, will be supported by UNISERV in their checks for possible fraud, companies of political, criminal interests. Their advanced system is fully in cooperation in the internal system from Stardev Games N.V.


As a part of Stardev Games N.V. s risk management, every cryptó -deposit will be automatically checked for abuse. These automated checks will be done via two different platforms simultaneously.

Ongoing Transaction Monitoring

AML-Compliance ensures that an “ongoing transaction monitoring” is conducted to detect transactions that are suspicious or unusual compared to the User/Customer profile. This transaction monitoring is conducted on different levels.

Reporting of Suspicious Transactions

Depending on the result of examination arising from internal procedures with respect to suspicious transactions and based on the information gathered, the AML team: will decide whether it is necessary or not to send a report to the FIU, following the legal obligations provided in the Law of 18 September 2017; will decide whether or not it is necessary to terminate the business relations with the customer.

Record Keeping

These data will be safe, encrypted stored offline, and online.


Internal audit regularly establishes missions and reports about AML activities.

Data Security

All data given by any User/Customer will be kept secure, will not be sold or given to anyone else. Only if forced by law, or to prevent money laundering data may be shared with the AML-authority of the affected state. For further information regarding your private data please read our Privacy Policy. Destrobit will follow all guidelines and rules of the data protection directive (officially Directive 95/46/EC)

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