What is Destrobit?

Destrobit is one of the most innovative and interesting combinations of blockchain technology and online gaming.

Unlike traditional online wagering games, Destrobit isn’t based on cards, dice, slots, or other traditional casino games. The game draws inspiration from the rapidly-moving and volatile cryptocurrency market itself, and is played in rounds, in a social manner.

Prior to each round, players make a wager. When the round begins, the multiplier increases incrementally until it “crashes” and wagers are lost. Players are able to cash out at any point and take their winnings that can be thousands of times the initial bet.

Learn the Destrobit Strategy

The betting game at this casino is a social game where you will be betting against a pot. The increased number of players results in a larger size of the pot.

The primary Destrobit strategy is to watch the game with regard to wages and multipliers. You will be provided the chance to get out of the game at any time. The crucial element is to get out before the pot crashes, as this would forfeit the entire stake.

Rank and referral network System

First of its kind, you can earn % of the gains of each members of your own network.

Build your own network and earn a percentage on each player’s gain in your network, but also on their network’s gains, up to 5 levels.

Share your referral link with other players, you can distribute up to 4000 referrals among all the levels Send multiple referrals to other player that will also send to other players, and you will be able to earn % of profit from the referred members.

Become a Destrobit Legend

You can climb the Destrobit social ladder, and earn more % of the earnings through your social skills. Different ranks give more % of the earnings according to the amount of people you join in the game :

Each rank has 5 inner levels, may the climbing begin !
Destrobit Deposits and Withdrwals

The biggest attraction surrounding this casino is the acceptance of bitcoins. Bitcoins have decent amount of privacy, and still remains relatively cheap to make payments even after the transaction fees especially in recent years.

Furthermore, there are also no limits on the funds that can be deposited into the account. Since the transactions are extremely fast when it comes to bitcoins, the credits are received in a couple of minutes rather than having to wait for days together in the case of traditional Fiat currencies.

Access from Mobile Devices and Tablets

The website has been optimized in such a way that it is fully functional even when accessed from a smartphone, or a tablet device.

Customer Care

Destrobit provides an extensive FAQ section that should provide more than enough information about the game and the various allied elements.

A support form is provided and it can be used to send out messages to us if there are any issues.

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The use of bitcoins straightaway enhances the security element, even if cryptocurrencies have come under the radar for several hacking-related issues. However, Destrobit overcomes this element by adopting a strong encryption technique.

Destrobit also runs a bug bounty program where users will be rewarded if they find and fix bugs on the site. The reward is paid out in bitcoins, and it offers as a significant security mechanism designed to plug any holes.


against Ants or Grasshoppers depending
on which side you are playng for


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